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The garage door repair FAQs that make a difference.

  • Should I replace the hinges along with rollers?

    Garage door parts are not replaced unless there is something wrong with them. Though, hinges and rollers both last for approximately the same period of time and it's good to replace them together. Since our specialists would have to remove the rollers in order to replace the hinges, it's best to replace both parts together.

  • When do I need to replace my door?

    Change your doors when you want to remodel your home. For homes with old garage doors, it is good to change the doors to newer models, such as Chamberlain garage doors and Stanley garage doors. The newer ones are easier to maintain, are more energy efficient and have wind and storm protection qualities.

  • Does garage door maintenance include tune-up?

    This depends on the service provider, but tune-ups may include inspection of important moving parts, along with adjustments and lubrication. Some offer garage door maintenance that involves tests like balance, reversing mechanism evaluation, and others. Some include tune-up during garage door maintenance service.

  • Which garage door parts are under tension?

    The springs and cables are under great tension. That is why if they break or snap respectively the whole door can collapse. They should be inspected frequently and maintained properly. You should never attempt to repair them or replace them yourself as this will pose a very high risk to your safety and wellbeing.

  • What is headroom and how do I need?

    The headroom measurement refers to the distance between the top of the garage door opening and the lowest point of the ceiling or any pipework which may affect the movement of the door. The amount of headroom required depends on the types of springs used on your garage door system. Generally extension springs need a minimum of ten inches and torsion springs twelve inches. However, Garage Door Repair Laveen advises that these measurements are for basic operation of the door. If you are having a door opener installed, it will require additional headroom.

  • What safety features are standard on a garage door opener?

    All models of garage door openers on the market today must have a safety feature built-in to prevent the door closing on any obstruction. This is essential to prevent accidental injury to people and pets or damage to your vehicle. Many models also have other safety features including anti-drop systems, auto-reverse and even child friendly pinch proof panels.  A tip from Garage Door Repair Laveen is to remember that even with safety features your garage door is not a toy. You should encourage children to be aware of the door and keep pets at a safe distance.

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