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Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage Door MaintenanceAccurate Track Adjustment

When caring for your garage door, our first task is careful inspection. When checking the track, we watch out for bending and for misaligned sections. Count on us for repair and alignment, if required. There are more things to aligning the vertical and horizontal sections than most people think. Once the two fit properly together, we tighten the bolts so that the brackets can keep the parts securely in place. We’ll replace missing and damaged bolts, if needed. Often the tracks need cleaning as part of garage door maintenance. This is importance since the accumulations of grease may become obstructions and cause bending.

Testing the Opener’s Force

Since the door’s weight tends to fluctuate, especially on a seasonal basis, we want to ensure that the opener uses the right amount of force to match it. Our test involves placing an object which doesn’t obstruct the safety sensors underneath the door and closing it with the clicker. If the force is optimal, the door will just touch the object. Otherwise, we’ll make the required adjustment.

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