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Pointers About Garage Doors

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Pointers About Garage Doors

Browse our tips section to learn how to maintain your overhead door in the most effective way possible. You'll find useful and practical advice provided directly by our specialists. Something not covered? Just get in touch!

Be aware of loose parts

Loose garage door parts will likely create problems down the line. For example, loose cables will slow down the pace of the door and loose nuts, screws, brackets, and bolts can help misalign the tracks over time, which can be dangerous. For these reasons, we recommend fairly regular inspections of your system.

Are weather seals and insulation recommended?

Insulation is an important factor to consider when it comes to your garage, especially if you live in an area subject to extremely high or low temperatures. We recommend the use of weather seals, to help prevent moisture from entering the garage and energy escape from the house.

How to tell if your sensors are misaligned

If you notice that the garage door is not functioning properly, it might be because your sensors have become misaligned. For the sensors to be properly aligned, they have to be facing each other -  if they are not aligned, you will usually be given some kind of indication like a set of blinking lights which become a solid light once the problem is fixed. If you're not sure how to check, consult your owner's manual or give us a call!

Clean tracks are working tracks

To ensure your garage door continues to function properly, you should ensure that your tracks are properly cleaned. Dirt that builds up can cause obstructions on the tracks, making it difficult for the door to move along and therefore open and close. We suggest inspecting these components from time to time and cleaning up any dirt or accumulation of grease on the tracks. You should also make a note to thoroughly clean the rollers and ensure both the tracks and rollers are wiped dry by the end of it.


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