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Torsion & Extension Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are the most critical part of the garage door's mechanism. There are two types of springs; torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are normally mounted horizontally just above the door opening and tighten when the door closes. The springs unwind for the door to open. Extension springs are located above the upper tracks of the door. They are stretched when the door closes and relax when the door opens. Both torsion and extension springs are under tremendous pressure and eventually weaken and break. Because handling these springs can be highly dangerous, only an experienced technician should handle their replacement.

Our team is able to offer you a number of garage door repair services.

We have been operating in Arizona for a number of years and can help you with all tasks related to installation. Our pricing structure is noted for its generosity.

Garage Door Springs

We guarantee excellent garage door spring repair! Our spring services include the replacement, adjustment and installation of all types of springs

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Garage Door Openers

As specialists in garage door opener repair, we guarantee exquisite opener maintenance and installation and also fast emergency repair services

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Garage Door Repair Services

You can count on our company for quick and effective garage door repair services. From replacing a broken cable to fixing the motor, you can expect perfect results.

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Garage Door Maintenance

When you use our garage door maintenance services, you can relax knowing that we take care of each and every component, from the tracks and springs to the opener and its controls.

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Garage Door Replacement

We have the most experienced team for proper garage doors installation

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Glass Garage Doors

Do you have problems with the glass of your garage door? Trust our company with all issues related to glass garage doors

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Our Infographic

Get a little crash course by reading this useful infographic!

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