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Track Replacement In Goodyear AZ

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: We had to replace both garage door tracks because of metal fatigue.
Our Solution: We informed Mrs. Hawkins about the state of her tracks and mentioned that nylon rollers might make her door less noisy. After she gave us the green light to do what was necessary, we replaced worn components with new ones. Then we did some fine-tuning and made sure the door was well-balanced before giving it a run. Our customer’s garage door was quieter than ever and, more importantly, fully-functioning again.

Joanna Hawkins - Goodyear
Opener Replacement - Komatke AZ

Opener Replacement

Customer Issue: The customer had been dealing with issues on and off with his opener for a long time and was tired of it being unreliable.
Our Solution: After discussing various options with Mr. Jefferson, he decided he wanted to upgrade to a new opener entirely, as his was fairly old and not in the best shape. Our experts removed the problematic opener and installed a new Chamberlain C400 model in its place so that it would run much smoother and could be counted on.

Joey Jefferson - Komatke
Spring Replacement In Komatke AZ

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: A frayed and twisted extension spring made the customer’s door slower and noisier over time, and she feared a break.
Our Solution: With the door locked open, the team carefully loosened the caps until the springs were fully extended and then removed them both, cleaned the extension cords and caps, and put the new pair in place before testing the door.

Miray Vasilev - Komatke
Garage Door Troubleshooting | Garage Door Repair Laveen AZ

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: Garage door doesn't open.
Our Solution: We found a frayed cable and several broken rollers were the problem and made the proper replacements, lubricated the necessary sections and then tested the door to make sure it was working perfectly.

Juliana Mills - Laveen
Garage Door Off Track | Garage Door Repair Laveen AZ

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Need to have his garage door put back on track.
Our Solution: We first made sure the door wasn't damaged in any way. Then we realigned the door with its tracks, and opened and closed it several times to make sure it was operating properly.

Rodney Miller - Tolleson
Panel Replacement - Laveen AZ

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: Damaged garage door panel.
Our Solution: We measured the dimensions of the old panels and then installed new ones that matched the door perfectly. Afterwards, we checked the door's operation, lubricated its rollers and hinges and made sure no other part was damaged.

Manuel Torres - Laveen

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